Learn to Read Activity Book

Learn to Read Activity Book (Paperback)

18.54 USD

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Author: Hannah Braun

Publisher: Zephyros Press

Published: 10 Apr 2018

ISBN13: 9781939754523

"No matter what the lesson is, kids won't pay attention if it's boring. The more enjoyable the learning experience is for your little one, the more engaged and motivated they will be to listen and continue on their own. When it comes to reading, the key to successful teaching is to make it fun. Learn to Read Activity Book is designed to get kids excited about reading while giving parents and teachers the joy of witnessing those light-bulb moments when they grasp new skills and find the confidence to use them. Combining playful activity pages with a cumulative lesson plan, experienced educator and learning material developer Heather Braun provides 101 lessons to take your child from singing the ABCs to speaking and reading words."--


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